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Pallets are the main product which is produce in the Trakstol. The wood, which we source from the national forests is of a highest quality. The transit goes according to the norms of the Forest Stewardship Council. We specialize in producing disposable pallets, however, we adjust the pallets according to a client’s wishes. Please send us your specifications if you will not find a particular pallet from those listed below.


Pallets on a runner;intersection 60/40;plank – 19 thickness, 76 width.

  • 440/440
  • 780/980
  • 1070/870

Pallets on a wooden cube 75/75/80 – the lenght of the cube;plank-19 thickness, 76 width.

  • 800/600
  • 800/1200
  • 1150/1150

Different pallets

  • 2200/800; plank-22 thickness, 100 width; cube 100/100/85 – yhe lenght of the cube
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