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About us

We are Polish company specialized in producing various kind of wooden pallets. The Trakstol company was founded in 2007. The idea of Trakstol sawmill was in owner’s head for almost 20 years. Finally, the dream came true. Nowadays we have this opportunity to serve you the best as we can. According to an up-to-date and advanced technology, our production is of a highest quality. Our employees are train in order to be the best in a field of pallets production. For almost 5 years we supply Dutch and German market with our products. We are looking forward to extend the number of our clients in the future. We would like to find new customers from all over the world. Moreover, apart from the pallets production, we are able to supply your company- or house- with firewood, and other constructions made of wood. If you are willing to join our hands, call directly through the website !

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